Easy Peel Hard Boiled Eggs

Vibrant Gel Colored Easter Eggs

The bunny baskets are all emptied, the eggs have been colored and hunted, and then IT happens. It being the realization that you will have to somehow peel all three dozen eggs that you hard boiled (obviously there were too many egg coloring ideas that you found on Pinterest - GUILTY!). The terror starts to climb over you and your fingers start to shake at the thought of being pricked endlessly by little shards of eggshell. BUT WAIT! It doesn't have to be quite that bad!

Since we started a LCHF lifestyle diet about a year ago, I eat a whole lot more hard boiled eggs than I used to (I used to HATE having eggs in the morning - I was a cereal junkie through and through). With two little ones clamoring to be fed, it is just easy to grab one and get on with my day. EXCEPT when there is that dreaded egg. You know the one. The one that takes 20 minutes to peel and takes off half the egg with the shell. Well, after lots of pots of boiling water, here are a few tips to help you get more egg and less frustration.

Use Old Eggs

Using older eggs (somewhere in the range of 2 to 3 weeks from your date of purchase) seems to work best. No, I am not saying to use 6 month old eggs or the ones that you can't even remember buying that have been shoved behind things in your fridge for who knows how long. Just don't use the dozen you got yesterday.

Cage Free Eggs

I was skeptical at first when my Sister-in-Law shared this tip with me, but they really do peel easier and faster with fewer "frustration eggs" overall.

Baking Soda in the Water

Add some baking soda to the water you are boiling with the eggs. I don't measure, usually a nice sprinkle will do. This is supposed to help the white part separate from the shell.

Cracking and Peeling

Give the eggs a gentle crack all the way around the egg and even gently squeeze it to open up the cracks. Then start at the fatter end of the egg where there is usually (not always) an air pocket to get a good start on the peeling.

Peeled Hard Boiled EggUsing these methods, here is a sample peeled egg. Not a bit of frustration and all the of the shell came off the egg with ease.

Using these methods, I have been able to reduce the rate of frustration eggs from 3-4 per dozen to 0-1 per dozen. I have not found that the method of cooking makes a difference personally, but please let me know if you find a method that works better than another! Have other egg-cellent ideas for eggs? Post them on my facebook page too!