Wedding Stationery Timeline

Wedding Infographic on when to order and send wedding invitations and other paper goods

Wedding planning! So much fun!!! But there are all those pesky details and sometimes things get away from you. And ordering of wedding stationery is one of those details that can! Sure you'll remember the big stuff like save the dates and invitations, but how about the little details - favor tags, donation cards, programs, and thank you cards for your wedding party, parents, minister? To help you remember, I made this great Wedding Stationery Timeline Infographic to guide your wedding stationery purchases.

Why you ask. Well, nothing makes me more sad than to tell a Bride-to-be that I can't hand make and ship her cards in time for the wedding. And really it more about shipping time and less about how long it takes for me to make them.

Don't get me wrong, my beautiful handmade cards do take time to make, but really the shipping portion is what really takes the time. And once it is out of my hands, there is nothing I can do to speed it up other than hoping and praying. The better way is to order in plenty of time to have custom wedding party cards made and allow time for small shipping delays.

So if you would love to have beautiful, handmade, unique, and personalized bridal party thank you cards, PLEASE don't forget to order them well in advance! Eight weeks ahead would be perfect! Four weeks still works. One week isn't enough time.

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