Custom Designed Pinterest Pin Images


Have you heard that Pinterest is a great place to promote your products from your Etsy shop, Shopify store, or other small business website? The great thing is once you pin your photo on Pinterest it can drive traffic to your website over a long period of time (not just a few days or hours likes on Facebook or Instagram).

But you can't just throw your photos on there and hope for the best! You have to make them "Pinterest Ready" which means in a vertical format with enticing text to make your potential customers pin or click through! This is most apparent for Etsy sellers because Etsy listing photos are landscape and generally don't include text. Having a couple styles of pin images is great for blog post pin images too.

But who has time to convert all their product photos to this vertical style pins? If you said, not me - then I would love to be your Pinterest virtual assistant! I love creating eye catching graphic design and know how to edit photos to bring the best out of each. I spent the last year honing my Pinterest pin creation skills and now I am ready to share them with you!

What is Included

  • With your order you will receive five (5) custom made Pinterest high quality vertical style pin images with your product photos, your provided text, and your website.

  • Minimal photo editing included (brightening, cropping). For the best results, make sure you have amazing product photos to begin with.

  • I will send you the pin mock ups for approval before finishing the final files.

  • All five (5) completed pin images will be provided in .jpg format.

I have included samples in the photos of the kind of styles that could be used. Depending on your photos and text the most appropriate style will be selected.

  • One photo on the bottom with text at the top.
  • One full photo with text
  • Collage of photos with text
  • Top and bottom photo with text in the middle

What to Send with Your Order

  1. You will need to email me 5-6 product photo for each selected quantity (quantity 1 = 5 pin images). Please make sure you have a release if they are professional photos. Once your order is complete, I will delete the photos. You may have 2 photos per pin in some cases or you may have the same photo used with different text.

  2. Pin image wording (at least 4 sets). Note which wording goes with which photo if it matters.

  3. The website address or link to your business for the bottom of the pin.

  4. If you have any specific brand colors (color number preferred) you would like to use or style of font (Serif, Sans, Script, Handwriting, or mixed) include all of those details in the email as well.

Want to see my pin designs in action? Check out my Pinterest Profile. Don't think Pinterest works? Check out my blog post on how it drove traffic my website over the course of one year.

Let's get started making great pins images today!