50 Bulk Greeting Cards - Assorted Variety of Styles


The easiest way to remember to send any greeting card is to

  • Have the dates written down where you can see them
  • Prepare the cards in advance (when possible)
  • Have cards on hand for fast and easy selection

If you like the idea of being that organized, then this set of 50 bulk buy greeting cards is for you! Every one of the 50 handmade greeting cards are different so you can still select the most appropriate style for the recipient. It is a great variety with cards for men, women, and kids with lots of gender neutral cards to work for many people.

This wholesale greeting card assortment also is great for business associates or business clients.

Included in your bulk box of 50 handmade greeting card assortment are:

(25) Birthday Cards

(10) Thank You Cards

(10) Care and Concern including Sympathy Cards, Pet Sympathy Cards, Thinking of You Cards, and Sending Prayers Cards

(5) Blank Greeting Cards (Hello)

Card Details

  • 80 Lb White Linen Textured Cardstock
  • Folded with Blank Interior
  • Size A2 (4.25 Inch x 5.5 Inch)
  • Original Graphic Design Elements created by Patterned Pomegranate
  • Vibrant color achieved by using high quality toner.
  • Includes White Envelopes

Every large quantity assorted greeting cards set comes in a white stationery box with a decorative marbled front which is great for home office stationery organization.

FREE SHIPPING on all bulk greeting card boxed sets.

You will love having Patterned Pomegranate as your greeting card supplier if:

  • You love being organized
  • You love useful personal planner accessories
  • You hate forgetting to purchase cards at the store
  • You are more apt to send cards if you have them readily available
  • You have a client based business where you want to keep in touch with them regularly
  • You are in human resources or office manager and want to have greeting cards available for a variety of occasions your employees may deal with
  • You like a mix of cards with unique variety
  • You want to save time and money by ordering online over going to the store each time you need a card
  • You want to use life organization tricks to make your days go smoother

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Grab your Perpetual Calendar Free Printable to use with your new cards and enjoy your organized home this year!

Want the math - this discount works out to $1.70 per card