50 Thank You Cards Assorted Boxed Set


Send a thank you card quickly and easily by keeping an assorted boxed set of cards on hand. Each card includes unique graphic design elements created by Patterned Pomegranate and you will find this bulk variety thank you card set of 50 cards - two of each style, which will make it easy to find your favorite for the occasion.

You can get organized in your office too by utilizing a bulk buy thank you card set. It is perfect for business associates or clients you want to keep in touch with throughout the year.

Wondering how keeping cards on hand keep you organized or why it makes sense? Consider the time it takes to realize you need a thank you card, drive the to store, search the aisles, read them all, drive back home, write, and then mail. Now consider realizing you need a thank you card, picking out the card, and sending it. So much faster!

As an added bonus, these cards don't ever expire - you can keep them until you use them all. As an easy home organization trick, every large quantity assorted greeting cards set comes in a white stationery box with a decorative marbled front which is great for greeting card organization.

FREE SHIPPING on all bulk greeting card boxed sets.

Card Details

  • 80 Lb White Linen Textured Cardstock
  • Folded with Blank Interior
  • Size A2 (4.25 Inch x 5.5 Inch)
  • Original Graphic Design Elements created by Patterned Pomegranate
  • Vibrant color achieved by using high quality toner.
  • Includes White Envelopes

Every large quantity assorted greeting cards set comes in a white stationery box with a decorative marbled front which is great for home office stationery organization.

You will love having Patterned Pomegranate as your greeting card supplier if:

  • You were taught to send thank you cards for a variety of occasions
  • You love being organized
  • You love useful planner accessories
  • You hate forgetting to purchase cards at the store
  • You are more likely to send cards if you have them readily available
  • You have a client based business where you want to send a thank you card for their business with you to keep in touch.
  • You are in human resources or office manager and want to have thank you cards available as part of incentive programs within the company for recognizing amazing performance.
  • You like to have a mixed variety thank you card box on hand
  • You want to save time and money by ordering online over going to the store each time you need a card
  • You are a Realtor who wants to thank your clients after the closing and they are moved into their new home.

Need help getting started on writing thank you cards? Try this How to write thank you cards blog post will get you started with ideas and my format to have you writing them quickly!

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And if you are wondering - it is NEVER TOO LATE to send a thank you card! It will always be appreciated!