Modern Typography Wedding Card with Names and Wedding Date

Main Word Color: 
Heart Color: 
Wedding Date: 

Give the Bride and Groom a special handmade card of congratulations featuring modern typography of loving words and personalized with their names and wedding date!

Also, works great for a card to the bride from the groom, or to the groom from the bride and could be included in a wedding keepsake frame with other wedding items. Words that remain the same: Love, Remember, Forever, Promise, Cherish.

Perfect for a modern couple with an urban wedding.

Card Details

  • 80 Lb White Linen Textured Cardstock
  • Folded with Blank Interior
  • Size A2 (4.25 Inch x 5.5 Inch)
  • Original Graphic Design
  • Vibrant color achieved by using high quality toner.
  • Includes White Envelopes
  • Packaged in Crystal Clear Stationery Box or Cello Sleeve

Guide to Options

  1. Main Word Color: Select a color from the color chart for the larger words Love, Forever, Cherish, and the names. The other color is light gray.

  2. Select the color for the heart and line divider.

  3. Provide the names and wedding date.

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