Junior Bridesmaid Thank You Card

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Give a custom handmade Junior Bridesmaid Thank You Card along with the junior bridesmaid gift! Make them extra special by matching their dresses, wedding details, and even add her name.

Everyone in your Bridal Party will enjoy these unique wedding thank you cards!

Card Details

  • 80 Lb Linen Textured Cardstock
  • Folded with Blank Interior
  • Size A2 (4.25 Inch x 5.5 Inch)
  • Original Die Cut Elements
  • Includes White Envelopes
  • Packaged in Crystal Clear Stationery Box or cello sleeve

Guide to Options

  1. Card color Choose from White, Cream (off-white), and Ivory

  2. Dress Style See style names in the photos. Dress accents are also shown on this photo on the bottom.

  3. Dress Color Choose from the select cardstock colors shown in the card stock color chart.

  4. Dress Accent Type See the variety of ways you can make the dresses a little more special.

  • Please note that glitter cardstock and raised embossed flowers can not be layered, so if you choose that as a dress option, it won't have a belt/flower. If you choose the glitter belt there will be no flower.*
  1. Dress Accent Color If you choose an option for Dress Accent that needs a color selection, please choose here. All the cardstock colors on the cardstock color chart are available for this option. If you selected No Accent, Glitter Dress, or Embossed Flowers for the Dress Accent Type, please use "NO ACCENT" in this box.

  2. Recipient Name Personalize by including the name in the text box. This is optional. If you don't want personalization, just put "No Name" in the text box. See the sample photo for how the name is added to the same line as "Name, Thank you for being my/our".

  • The text box will not hold more than 200 characters. If you have more than 10 of one style, send me an email with the additional names. Not necessary if you have different styles.
  1. Quantity of this style card.
  • For different styles (Bridesmaid, Groomsman, etc), add each item to your cart with appropriate details.*

Text is written in mixed fonts in the black. This style includes a handwritten font.

Why all of these options? I have been selling Bridal Party Thank You Cards for 10+ years and there is one that always holds true.... EVERY Bride and Groom have a wedding that is unique to them. And I have found even when I have orders with similar colors, all the other details are different to make each one totally unique.

So these detailed handmade cards allow you to really add one more personalized touch to your special day.

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