Cancer Ribbon Thank You Cards

Easy Thoughtfulness Note Cards for Cancer Patients

New to Patterned Pomegranate are these easy to use Cancer Ribbon Thank You Cards.

They were inspired by a conversation with a friend whose mom is a cancer survivor! She told me how the chemotherapy really drained her, but she felt like she wanted to thank those around her for helping her during her time of need.

The simple rhyme on the front of the flat card covers a variety of things that people may have done for the person so all they have to write is to and from names.

Each card is personalized to the type of cancer the recipient has:

  • Pink for Breast Cancer
  • Teal for Cervical Cancer and Ovarian Cancer
  • Light Blue for Prostate Cancer
  • Emerald for Liver Cancer
  • Dark Blue for Colon Cancer
  • Peach for Uterine Cancer
  • Black for Melenoma
  • Gold for Childhood Cancer
  • Yellow for Bladder Cancer, Bone Cancer, and Sarcoma
  • Periwinkle for Esophogeal Cancer and Stomach Cancer
  • Orange for Kidney Cancer and Leukemia
  • Burgundy for Head/Neck Cancer and Multiple Myeloma
  • Orchid for Testicular Cancer
  • Gray for Brain Cancer
  • Purple for Leiomyoscarcoma and Pancreatic Cancer
  • White for Lung Cancer
  • Lime for Lymphoma
  • Lavender for All Cancers

The word thoughtfulness in the text also matches the ribbon color.

I love that these simple thank you note cards are making someone's life a little easier during a difficult time. And they would make a great addition to a cancer care package. Find the cancer ribbon thank you cards here.