Boys Bathroom Update + Free SVG Wave Stencil

Freshening up a boys bathroom theme from baby to older boy style with a surfboard theme.

Our house contained no less than 13 rooms that were some sort of beige color when we moved in! I love color and it is quite distressing for me to live in a beige box! I find that winter is a great time to tackle painting projects, so the upstairs bathrooms were on the list....yes both were beige!

It isn't in our plans right now to rip out the bathrooms, so I have to live the beige floors and mocha colored bathtub in the boys bathroom. The master bath got a lovely coat of rich sultry purple, but what to paint in the boys bathroom? There aren't any windows in this room and it really can be dark and dungeony, which is something I can't stand. I don't like it when rooms close in on you. Perhaps it was because EVERYTHING was beige (AHHHH! No beige boxes!)....the walls, the floor, the bathtub, the vanity cabinet.

Knowing I wasn't changing the floor or bathtub, I started tossing around ideas. The boys are getting older, so I wanted whatever theme we went with to grow with them - nothing too cutesy or babyish. We picked a graphic surfboard theme with the floor feeling a little like sand (the mini floor tile is mixed beiges). I struggled for months deciding on wall color because I really love color on walls, but my desire to brighten the bathroom was much stronger. For the first time EVER I voluntarily painted the walls....WHITE (Cameo White)! But it was a great choice, the bathroom feels so much more open now.

I didn't stop there though, I did still have to have color somewhere! I painted the area above the tile in the bathtub a beautiful teal blue (Capri Teal) to bring in more of the ocean feel and added a vinyl surfboard cut out over it in white. Then over the vanity, I created a wave stencil to match the pattern on the surfboard shower curtain. I used the stencil as a guide and handpainted the wave the same teal color. The final details pulled it all together:

Get the free wave stencil as an SVG to use with your electronic cutter. I have two styles in the file that will need to be resized for your project. One continuous wave and the other is a wave to make a large stencil to repeat the pattern. This is the method I used, as my silhouette only cuts 8.5"x12". I sized mine to fit my space perfectly with no cut off waves.

Hope this gives you some ideas for your next bathroom update! If you use the stencil and want to share your project with me tag @patternedpom on Instagram!