Kids Thank You Card Writing Template

Helping Your Children Write Thank You Cards

Do you think that sending thank you cards is a necessary skill to teach your kids? I do - and I feel like it is a great way to practice writing, teaching how to be grateful, and understanding how to be respectful to others and their time.

But unless you have a kid who really enjoys writing, I bet this process is not a favorite task. My boys are absolutely not into it, but I emphasize that the children took time to celebrate with you and pick out a nice gift for them. The least they can do is write a nice little note to show that they appreciated their efforts!

I do like to allow my boys to do this activity without tons of oversight though, so I created a thank you template for them to follow. This gives them the format of how to write a letter (greeting, text, salutation) and helps them determine the kinds of things to write in a thank you letter.

I offer suggestions and options depending on the kind of gift and they can choose what they want to say. Armed with this template and a list of what people gave them, they are ready to work. Another hint: I let them write two a day until they are complete

Download your printable version and help your kids get their thank you cards done too!

How to use your template

  • Insert the details from your gift list for any of the words marked in RED PARENTHESIS.
  • Choose from the different lines of text marked with a colored * for each part of the card (thanks, Something about the gift, ending, and salutation).
  • Don't forget to sign your name!

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