Reusable Water Bottle Organization

Before and after organizing large water bottles in the kitchen cabinet for storage.

Who hates trying to figure out how to store all those environmentally friendly reusable water bottles? Me too! Until I made a new storage solution in about 15 minutes.

We had the bottles in the lazy susan because they didn't really fit standing up anywhere else...however they never actually stood up in there, they always fell over. Sometimes I wonder why I just live with things that aren't working. Answer: KIDS!

Anyway, I saw on pinterest how someone used an old wine bottle holder to organize water bottles. I didn't have a spare one of those lying around, so I just did a quick check on Amazon. I can't believe what they are selling water bottle holders on Amazon for! I guess not too much if you only have 4 water bottles, but anyone with kids knows there are more than 4 rolling around the house at any given moment.

So, back to the drawing board. I was thinking that really all I needed was two layers in the cabinet so I could lay them flat. Some sort of shelf needed to be made or found. I remembered as small wire rack that I was sure wasn't in use. I searched around and didn't find THAT rack, but I did find another one that wasn't being used to it's full potential! Bonus: this was one of those wire racks that can stack, so it had raised sides and it even fit in my cabinet. I love it when things work out like that!

Another great thing about this water bottle storage solution is that even though it is taller than I thought I wanted, I am still able to store my mixing bowls in that cabinet too. The shelf also doesn't sit all the way back in my cabinet, so I put some not often used items in the back behind the bottles. I am comfortably holding 9 large water bottles (20 oz+) this way and it could be more if I stacked the ones on the bottom.

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Easy Storage Solution for Reusable Large Sports Bottles. Before and after organizing large water bottles in the kitchen cabinet